About Kevin

Executive Summary

Me, well since my last little foray into shouting in the void about my life ??? it’s moved on a bit. For one we now have two children, and they are a lot bigger than I remember. I’ve been stuck in this quite the opposite of dead end job for nearly five years now, and I???m on my fourth fifth job title, which if you care is Head of Web and Geo Services – although I’m still not convinced it sounds right that, so i am seeking my sixth one.

Me pulling some from on non-standard expression

Kevin as a person

Actually writing about yourself is probably one of the hardest things to do – not the hardest because I am currently writing this to avoid the rather large report I have to right – you never know quite how to start, or indeed where to go and the end is almost impossible.

I still think the best way to work out who I am (or at least who I am prepared to tell the world I am) is to look at the traces of me that are left all over the interwebs.

A good place as any to start is twitter where I am @kevinjump, or indeed my Google profile, because that has all sorts of links on it. Professionally I live on linked-in – although I try to avoid being professional if I can help it because it’s just such a boring thing to be.

Books people read tells you a lot about books people buy, or indeed borrow, or maybe even steal. The big list of books on our bookshelves isn???t currently on the site which is a bit sad, but you can see my reading list on Amazon, and it’s around somewhere, but as a kindle owner – yes it’s nice – there should be a page of things I share when reading – but I can’t find that.

What the Internet doesn’t know

Well dear stalker; you’ve gotten this far and all I’ve done is rehash all the other bits of the internet that you’ve already found and digested, so what can I bring that is new, ground breaking and something the internet doesn’t already know about me? In the last two incarnations of this page, that’s been hated insects, cartoon themes and favourite chocolate bars, so I???m just setting your expectations here… it???s not going to be the most useful bit of information ever.

Kevin???s top three strange habits (that he can share on the internet)

  1. When I sneeze I say trousers, lost the reason why I just do.
  2. I can’t use touch sensitive mouse pads, I always turn the tap of on my laptop, and it drives everyone else insane, but just think about how I feel on every other computer in the world!
  3. I do use the word insane far too often, it means there is at least one person in my office walking around doing impressions of me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more when I’m not looking.


that’s probably enough for now.

if you have any questions about me please feel free to harass me at anytime by e-mail <kevin@thejumps.co.uk> so I can pretend to be interested.