About Kevin (2006)

Me there are a number of way you can learn about me, you can read the rest of this page, in which I intend to launch into the condensed history of how I got here, what I like and some random stuff about wasps. You can look at the rest of this website, and specifically the weblog, to get a sense of my mental stability, or you could go off around the internet at look at other places where I have left my mark; for convince and before I bore you with the whole wasp thing, I thought you might like to be given a quick run-down of me in other places.

Books: A good place to find out about someone is on their bookshelf, well luckily for you my bookshelf is on-line, in our library you can see what books I’ve read, my Amazon wish list will tell you what books I might want to read, and if you are at all that way inclined My Amazon code book wish list tells you what nerdy books I think are missing from my collection.

Websites: Again a good look into the types of thing I read on my pooter may gain you the insight you desire; my first port of call most mornings is bloglines. Which is a ‘Feed reader’ website don’t worry if that makes no sense, its a website that tells you what’s changed on other web sites you tell it about. What do I get bloglines to tell me about ? Well you can see the List of My Feeds for yourself. After bloglines, we have a few sites that I visit just to see how the world is doing such as BBC News for well all things newsworthy, the register is an IT News website, which doesn’t take it all to seriously. then there is Joel.reddit.com is a sort of community news site where people give points to what they like and that changes the order of things. It’s seriously nerdy however, so tells you more about my job than me. I’m quite interested in Liverpool and the whole city, culture, buildings thing, so I go to Skyscraper City ? Liverpool which is a forum thingy, I never post, I just mainly look at the nice pictures and absorb some of the information as to what exactly is going on with all those cranes in Liverpool. Speaking of pictures, did you notice the Liverpool Everyone’s tagged photos link in bloglines, this goes to flikr, which is an on-line photo sharing thing, again I look more than I interact, but you can see what pictures I’ve posted, the desk ones are my favourites, if only because they are like a snapshot in time.


I’m Me

OK you’ve had your fun, it’s time for me to bore tell you the things about me that no amount of bookshelf snooping or browser bugging will tell you.I Live in Liverpool, with my lovely wife Ruth and super cute daughter daisy, oh and two quite annoying cats Samson and Tim. I was born in Liverpool in 1976, for my entire childhood (if you except that I’ve grown up) I lived in the gritty northern part of the city. When I got my high flying first job, I moved all trendy like into the city centre, but it didn’t take me long to realize that it wasn’t for me, and besides I’d met this dead nice girly and I was chasin’, So I moved to the leafy arty fart southern side of the city, and that’s where once I’d caught her, Ruth and I have settled (to be fair, it’s Ruth’s house, I made sure I got a girly with one of those), we live not far from penny lane, which is a little street of no consequence with no barbers (but a hairdressers), bank, or fire station, but who needs them when you have a cake shop ?

While Ruth has managed to slip the bonds of corporate hostage taking, I do unfortunately have to spend most of my week going to work to win the bread; for a long time I did this a Liverpool John Moores University, in the IT department (which goes by the subtlety Dilbert buzzword-tastic title of Computing and Information Services), but after almost 7 years straight, I’ve left and moved to Liverpool City Council, although this could technically be Liverpool Direct Limited (one pay me the other, tell me what to do), working for the Council (sorry LDL!) I am a web developer level 3, although I and I think most people I there have very little idea what the level 3 means. This job at least do have a bit more of an explainable edge to it than the last one. I develop webs or the web. That means I write code that does all the clever things, like well.. I’ve only just started so not like anything you will have seen or used, But soon; maybe I will get to write the page that tells you when your bins are going to get collected.

Outside of the bread winning, Daisy is my main hobby, well she’s not yet two, and while she can walk, you need a daddy, for things like reading stories, and getting you your favourite toy, tiding up after you, and getting you your nanan and a dink. She thinks I’m funny which is something I am bathing in, fully aware that it wont last and before long I will be the biggest embarrassment on the planet.

So Wasps

well If you read this page before then it’s not really anything new I’m afraid, I don’t like wasps. They are scary, more scary than lose buttons, in fact if I had to list the five insects I disliked most in the world wasps would be at the top. I’ve thought about it long and hard, it’s all to do with what you would do if you found your self in the toilet with an insect. Once you’ve thought about that, it’s quite easy to come up with an order,

Insects I don’t like

  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Flies

My last About Me Page had the top five (although it was four) ‘never ending cartoon’ theme tunes, I can’t hope to top that this time, but I’m going to give you another random list anyway.

Top Five Chocolate Bars of all time

  • Dairy Milk
  • Cadbury’s Caramel
  • Mint Aero
  • KitKat Chunky
  • Cadbury Cream Egg Bar

if you have any questions about me please feel free to harass me at anytime by e-mail <kevin@thejumps.co.uk> so I can pretend to be interested.