About Ruth

It has just been pointed out to me that I have landed on my feet, big style. I used to have one of those nasty, icky “career” thingies, but I gave it up to engage in the equally arduous and twice as worthwhile task of “taking care of my daughter.” What this means, in practical terms, is that I spend my days playing, singing, getting loads of kisses and cuddles (of which I’ve always needed plenty), and making Kevin cook the tea and do the hoovering when he gets home. Spoiled rotten? Well, possibly, but I’m having a ball, and can see absolutely no reason to mess about with the status quo.

I don’t think that becoming a Stay At Home Mummy has made me any less of a three-dimentional person, but I do sometimes worry that other people find me so. If you were thinking anything along those lines, consider this: I’ve never had it so good as I have it just now, and if you’re not consumed with envy, you’re clearly nuts.

So, seriously, what do you do all week?

Well, you have to understand that the pace of life slows right down, when you’re at home all day, and filling the week takes an awful lot less activity than it used to. Daisy and I wouldn’t dream of going to two places in one day, under normal circumstances. Not only does it waste an activity which could fill a whole other day, but it means that poor Daisy spends the whole day sitting in either the pram or the car, and she’s entitled to some rolling around on the floor time.

With that thought in mind, you won’t be surprised to discover that we make two supermarket trips a week, and on two different days. We buy food in Asda on a Wednesday (assuming Kevin has made me a list – he does all the cooking, so deciding what we eat, and knowing how much of last week’s is left, is his logical responsibility, too). Asda, unfortunately, do not sell our favoured brand of eco-nappies, so we also go to Sainsbury’s every Tuesday for nappies, baby wipes, and related equipment. I used to get them in Boots, but frankly, their stock control was abysmal, and I got heartily sick of not being able to get the particular size that I needed.

We recently joined Musical Minis, which takes up another day (not bad for a 45 minute session, hey?). We like that lots. Daisy’s not at a very cooperative stage in terms of sitting in a circle, and doing as she’s told, but she loves the songs, especially the actions.

On the other two days of the week, we just do Stuff. With People, usually – lunches out, coffee with friends, the odd trip to my Grandma’s, or town, or Ikea. Kevin is home by 4.30pm most days, and it’s not that uncommon for us to still be out when he arrives. We have no difficulty at all in filling the days, but I wouldn’t go back to shopping on a Saturday morning, at the end of a 35 hour week, for worlds. Frankly, I can’t imagine how I used to fit in going to work, and don’t propose to attempt fitting it in any time soon.