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nonsense notice

I’m going to blog more in the New Year. There I said it.

I’m hoping saying it will make it happen (all a bit starspace ordering I know).

Not that I will have much to say, but I want to exercise the writing muscles a bit more, expect it to be bland boring things, I don’t expect you to read or care – but I need to be writing stuff down that isn’t about strategic objectives.

nice photos of ugly buildings

Its been an age since I went for a lunchtime walk with my camera around Liverpool. Usually it requires me to remember to pick up it up in the morning, not be so preoccupied with work that I don’t just pop out for a butty and for the weather to be OK. As a result it doesn’t happen very often. It’s a pity really because I find it quite relaxing; it gives me some space to think about the day.

Anyway, today I remembered my camera, it was a nice(ish) day and I didn’t feel rushed at lunch time, so I went for a stroll. I had no clear aim when I set off, but I ended up at Mann island and decided to take some photos of the much derided Mann Island apartments. mainly to see if I could to take nice pictures of bad buildings.


I’m not claiming these are nice pictures, but they are … interesting.

New year thingies

Yes every year i say i don’t do resolutions, and yet every year I do resolve to do things as the date flicks from one arbitrary numbering system to the next. It’s just a convenient marker really. anyway this year i am not resolving to:

blog a bit more both personally and professionally: Personally, (where you are now) tough, if you look back at this blog it’s quite bennine in places, and then we get all uppity, and like we can’t say anything unless it changes the world. we’ll it never does and this blog really just exists to feed our own ego, as a place to excerise the writing muscles (they need it badly, as the above ramble shows). so don’t expect anything.

Professionally: that will be over at and might be as boring to most people, but will at least have (hopefully) some purpose.

Read more: I am a bulk reader, i read 4-5 books in a month and then nothing for the rest of the year, it’s almost always January… i wonder why?

Come up with more inspiring things than that…. really Read and write ? it that it? well there is more.. but I’m going to be all enigmatic, and besides if I stop and think about what i want to say i won’t actually click publish on this post….