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Tweeting Doorbell

So I got a shiny Arduino, what am I going to do with it?

Once I’d got the LED to blink, and something to sort of happen when I pressed a button, I looked at my tangle of wires switches and started to think, wouldn’t it be cool if…

The entire internet knew when someone was at the door 🙂 , and it would be even cooler, if they all got the song from pink windmill stuck in their head at the same time. 🙂

The wireless doorbell is a strikingly simple project, many people have done it before, and done better than i could – get a wireless doorbell from your local cheap wireless doorbell emporium, take the bell bit apart, workout what wires make the noise/light work, and plug them into an Arduino. Continue reading Tweeting Doorbell

My Raspberry Pi and me

After a few months on the shelf gathering dust, I have finally started using my Raspberry Pi over the last few weeks. I’ve had loads of fun hacking and learning, and while it’s not as much of a prototyping dream as my Arduino, the fact that it’s easier to connect to the internet has meant I’ve been able connect it to more stuff. In my next few posts I’m going to describe some of my projects hackery by no means expertly executed but fun never-the-less. Continue reading My Raspberry Pi and me

nonsense notice

I’m going to blog more in the New Year. There I said it.

I’m hoping saying it will make it happen (all a bit starspace ordering I know).

Not that I will have much to say, but I want to exercise the writing muscles a bit more, expect it to be bland boring things, I don’t expect you to read or care – but I need to be writing stuff down that isn’t about strategic objectives.