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The Jump family holiday

So we’re back off our holidays. We’ve actually been back since Saturday, it’s just taken us until Wednesday to recover really. Once again we travelled down to the lovely Isle of Wight, and enjoyed a really nice holiday.

It’s always the way, your perfectly healthy in work and the minute you start a holiday you come down with a sore throat or runny nose. except usually it isn’t the exact minute you stop work; well this time for me it was, by the time I had gotten of the train home on the Friday I had a sore throat, and for the first few days I was on strepsils and lockets. Of course I refused to acknowledge a cold, after all “I’m on holiday” was my admittedly throaty cry.

For the first few days, I ran Daisy and Ruth ragged. We live life at quite different paces really so my idea of relaxing involved three different things a day, while Ruth’s normal routine, runs at about one. But we survived, mainly by Ruth watching while Daisy and I built Sandcastles of different beaches and ran around empty children’s play areas (going pre-half term is the way to holiday).

the weather was great and we had sun for most of the week, It rained on the Friday before we came home, but in reality we probably needed that to stop me from driving everybody else crazy.

Some Holiday things’

  • Daisy loves boats, she thought the ferry was fantastic – it was a big fat boat with our car on.
  • In Car DVD players rock – we borrowed my sisters for the journey, and even though I now know more Balamory stories off by hart it’s the best way to travel with a toddler.
  • when you have children always remember to take a bucket and spade for the daddy too – I know it’s silly but it makes life much easier on the beach, and it will remove the temptation of the two year old to knock down the thirty year-old’s sandcastles.

The world is in danger

My mum has access to the internet. Not that she knows what to do, how to use a computer or ‘leave the webpage’.

A few weeks ago, she bought a laptop, and much to my shame has windows vista before me. The last few weeks have been getting sky broadband sorted out, and at the weekend, the internet arrived.

Ruth being a much much better trainer than me, took on the unenviable role of training the mother-in-law, and gave her a crash course in internet 101, and how to search google. all set up with big internet and email buttons in the middle of the screen (I can’t honestly think what else they will use it for) we left her to it.

“I don’t know why I’ve got email, I’ll never get any”

Those where the words, so of course when I got home I fired off a wonderful email with about 5 pictures of Daisy, what is better than your first email being pictures of one your granddaughters? well it turns out nothing is as good, I know this because my mum has just phoned to tell us that she got the email.

Training next week, “email and the reply button” 🙂

Quite annoying

Daisy choses to sleep in (well, past 6 anyway) on the one day when I get up at three in the morning and can’t get back to sleep.

Oh well, Lots of coffee for me today!

he went to bed with a bucket on his head.

Ruth is cursing my family at the moment. Even before Daisy was born she new I would make the words up to songs, my rendition of ding dong the witch is dead is particularly inaccurate. Since Daisy it’s all gone into overdrive, with the nursery rhymes hardly ever matching the ‘accepted’ versions.

On Sunday I was lambasted for creating a verse where Humpty Dumpty had a sleep to “there was a princess long ago” (Daisy’s current number one song). Only for Daisy to back me up with Humpty Dumpty found a tree. I think it is showing her how to be creative and think beyond the limits of what society demands. Ruth just thinks it’s silly.

Last week while we where in my mothers (due in the world of the internet soon… so watching what i say), and my mum sang “it’s raining it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. He went to bed with a bucket on his head, and then he got up in the morning”. which apparently. aren’t the right words! I always thought they where, but at least we now know where I got it from.

Anyway today, Daisy told Ruth in all seriousness that the Teletubbies where singing it wrong, because they didn’t sing the bucket on his head line. well I always said that you couldn’t trust the BBC.