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World Cup: Pennants

As is traditional for any international game, the countries at the world cup have been swapping Pennants before the matches. All very nice, but really isn’t it just an empty gesture, that no one really thinks about?

I think everybody should follow the example of Iran, who gave Mexico what looks like a Persian rug, framed with the flags of the counties in. Other countries should give gifts pre match that represent there country; I’ve no idea what we would give.


Rant number 43 of the world cup, when a player gestures to the referee that he should book somebody, they them selves should be booked.

the referee in the Serbia, Holland game agrees with me. As does Alan Hansen.

63 mins: Ognjen Koroman wins a free kick on the edge of the box but is booked after once again waving a pretend card at the referee to try and get an opponent yellow carded. The free kick comes to nothing. [bbc]


Well England have produced the most boring game of the world cup so far. It started quite well, with a sort of free kick come own goal type thing, but the reality is, England weren’t that good.

On the Beeb Mark Lawrencen has taken a real dislike to Sven (it turns out they all have), I suspect it’s a deep down feeling of betrayal now he’s leaving. Not that I disagree with most of what he said, taking of a striker, and moving your best player of the first half (Joe Cole) into the middle did make for an incredibly dull second half.

On the plus side, we won and then Sweden drew with Trinidad and Tobago, which means if we do any better than Sweden, we are through to the next round, before we even play the last game.

Being British I’m always going to want an underdog to do well, although on Thursday, When England play them I may not, I just like the idea that a team full of division two (old money) players, managed to hold on against a team of top European league players.

England 1, Paraguay 0, Sweden 0, Trinidad and Tobago 0;

I’ve only seen the first half of Argentina v Ivory Coast, but it was a really good half.