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Wolrd Cup: Poland v Ecuador

We’ll that wasn’t as good as the opening game.

Mainly because Poland where dull, Ecuador where better, but not great, but Poland just turned up and not much else.

Now bearing in mind Poland is one of those countries I’ve never been: I’ve always seen Poland as a dull place, I have what I suspect is the stereotypical idea, of snow almost all year, and porrige being the most exciting meal you can eat.

The Ecuadorian goal keeper had some nifty face paint, and was very small

The stadium was quite cool too, it’s got a big four sided TV screen thing hanging over the center circle, just like the Americans have in basket ball. Every time they showed you a shot of someone on the bench they appeared to be watching the football on the screen not the pitch.

Poland 0, Ecuador 2
BBC Report, World Cup Report

Commentator Watch

I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m having fun with the World Cup so far.

“He’s the best Costa Rican goal keeper in the air”
What now? How many Costa Rican Goalkeepers are in the air?

“It’s a very tiring game to play without the ball”
It’s a boring game to play without the ball.

Ball,. Ball, Ball

Footie, footie, footie.

I was going to post about the world cup somewhere else, so it didn’t clutter up the main blog, but then I relished, if I didn’t there would be nothing here for the next few weeks.

The world cup has started, yippie. To be honest it’s a bit like the trailers on LivingTV at the moment. They hype their programs up so much, that you can’t wait for what ever trash it is to start just so the trailers will go away.

Being a worker, I missed almost all of the opening ceremony, although I did see some jerrm-mans slapping there thighs while dressed in leather pants, I quickly turned over and the BBC had the footie on. I don’t think the beeb even bothered with the whole opening ceremony, Radio 4 had some bloke on who does opening ceremonies for a living, and he said it was boring.

What with some semblance of a life, I have very little chance of seeing all the games this world cup, but that isn’t going to stop me from trying, I’ve hooked my Pooter upto the cable box and it’s all scheduled to record all the matches to disk, where they will probably sit for around 6-12 months before I delete them to make way for more pictures of Daisy.

I have however just watched the opening game between the jermans1 and the Costa ricians2, and unfortunately the jermans won. A few things to notice from the first game however:

  1. Jurgen Klinsman doesn’t look right in a suit, I think he was wearing his pants to high, and the perfectly folded selves didn’t help.
  2. Many of the jermans look like they have just stepped of the set of a Aron Spelling teen drama: Michael Ballack, the rough clules type.
  3. The media have been telling me for days but gosh that ball doesn’t half move about in the air.

For the record it was Jermany 4 – Costa Rica 2; Germany where quite poor considering this was only Costa Rica, and there most threatening player is Paul Wanchope and his dodgy knee. If you want a more detailed match report than you shouldn’t really be here. Try the beeb’s report or the world cup web site’s report.

must go now, Poland v Ecuador awaits…

but before a leave, a challenge: you might have seen it all but can you better the Alastair Campbell World cup blog for cashing in on the cup?

1 As is customary during the world cup, I will be putting on my best scouse accent (which isn’t that good) when ever we mention Germany
2 and for counties we have a disturbingly small amount of knowledge on, we shall be patronizing, and pronouce there country like George Bush.

Football Shirt Count,

Yesterday, was definitely the day, for all the Liverpool fans to reach into the back of the cupboard and pull out the nearest red thing they had to a Liverpool top. But today, I’ve seen more Everton shirts, the only difference is, every one of them was on a child under the age of 3.

Now I don’t quite know which way their parents where going, either they where teaching there children the harsh realities of supporting a football team, or they wanted to show they where proud of there team, but knew if they wore their own shirt in town today, they would just get loads of grief.