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Leaving at Half Time?

It may have escaped you notice, but that red team, from round these parts won a game of football last night (sidenote: not as noisy a night in our street as I was expecting). Which is fine, Ruth doesn’t understand why beating Milan who are just “some team from Europe” is better than beating Man Utd or Arsenal. I tried to explain, about European cups, and best teams in the world, but she’s probably right.

Anyway, I’m not to concerned, what I do find interesting is the reports on the radio this morning that some people left the ground at half time when it was 3-0 to Milan, only to have to watch the next hour and a half on a big screen. Why? I would never leave a football match at half time.

I actually have had a very similar experience when tranmere where at the beginning of their FA Cup runs, we had quite a big tie, against then premiership Southampton, although it wasn’t going exactly to plan, by half time we where 3-0 down, so standing around at halftime (we had seats but you stand up at halftime), we did (half)consider leaving the freezing stands, hopping down to the sportsmans, and watching the second half on TV. We never, and we went on to win the game 4-3 that was my only ever flirtation with leaving a football ground before the end, even if you are 3-0 down with 60 seconds to go, I would stay, because you never know a wonder goal, is often quite a thing to watch.

Busy weekend part 1: Chester Zoo,

We went to the zoo, yesterday! We like the zoo, it’s a nice trip out and you get to take it at your own pace.

Yesterday was as much about going out with friends as it was looking at the animals. Daisy is far too young to even notice that the thing on the other side of the fence is strange (Daisy thinks daddy’s strange) , but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. I do feel sorry for the ‘normal’ animals; like Chris said, people flock to see things like the monkeys and penguins who are all hidden away, while some of the animals, are jumping and running about with hardly anybody watching.

today, is lunch for friends followed by a house full of people to watch the Derby, it’s great on these occasions to be neutral, I haven’t decided who I’m going to support yet, it depends which sofa looks the comfyiest I suppose.