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This weekend has been one of those where you get to the end of sunday, and then wonder how.

It started to go wrong on Friday night, for reasons i’m still not sure about we were still in work at 6, I was writing a ground braking bit of code that would tell other people in the office when I wanted a cup of coffee, Ruth was still upstairs fixing webby stuff, and stuart was watching someone else install a server, Then we go the idea to go the pub (I say we, I think it was stuart’s idea).

So one thing came from another and we ended up going to tarporley to have tea in an italian restaurant, and another driving first for me. I was the desegnated driver, so Ruth and stuart drank in the restaurant, but I think Ruth got a bit guilty, so we returned to stuarts, to have some wine and port (scarily, we have started to drink port, this I am taking as a sign of old age). Anyway that meant neither of us was in a fit state to get us home (a fact we knew would be true before we started the evening). So we stayed in Stuarts.

trees in the forestSaturday started a little later than normal, but it did start with bacon and egg, so you can’t complain. Stuart was off to Milton Keynes to visit friends, so we went to Delemare forest, and it was very pretty, now we are not really the rambily type but I think the hills of india, have inspired us to walk a bit more, and I definitely am appreciating my surrounding more (if only to go…. oooohhhh the silence). It was actually very busy for a forest, we stumbled into the middle of a orientating Event, and they where busy setting up Santa’s grotto, and the Christmas tree area.

then we came home, for a little while before we went to Ruth’s sisters to have tea and show them the photies from India. At this point I must confess that I am finding the photites from india, harder and harder to get excited about. It’s not the people, before anyone gets upset, it’s just the sheer number of times we have now shown the photographs, to Ruth’s credit, she still sounds enthused when she is doing the narrating bit, while I am sitting in the corner, trying so hard not to yawn. But tea was nice, and it was a very pleasant evening. Which Ruth drove back from.

This morning was Joshua McNaught’s (or Joshua David Everton McNaught for his full title) Dedication in Church, which just adds that extra little edge to the whole proceedings in terms of not messing up. It was a lovely service, with Chris Gilbert doing a family service about Wise and Foolish builders, and since he now has his apple Mac, it’s all gone high tech. Church was packed, before the service Lynn said to me, “we’re not sure if we’ll need this many chairs”, and in the end we put twice as many out, as there already was.

we did watch Mr Smith goes to Washington this afternoon, which is a fantastic film, that is actually quite scary in the sense of it ringing quite true in modern politics both here and in America.

We did a indian night last night to show all our photies of india off, and the little movie ruth and I put together. Of course we weren’t grownup enough to actual host the indian night so Carol did that bit, with all the food and stuff, and I just took my laptop and the data projector.

together we have so many photos. I think in total we showed 754 photos and 19Mins of Film. Now we didn’t make people sit through all those photo’s and most of the last 450 were just background while we talked to each other. I need to sort my photoies of india out. Pete gave us a CD with loads he’d taken, and we’ve collated together all of ours, and John and Carols and I now have a folder with 2,500 photo’s in (I think at least a 1000 repeats.)

i’m still doing the web pages

I’m Bored.

It’s not like I haven’t got loads of things to do.

  • I’ve got a website to make for India. (the bit i’ve done does look cool)
  • I could edit some of the video we shot in India
  • I Passed my driving test, so the whole looking into starting a business thing could take off, if I just get down to writing some business plans, working out prices, and generally marketing the thing.

but basically i’m bored. I could play games but I don’t fancy it. The TV poo. and I can’t get motivated to do anything else, the closest thing to something I am going to do tonight may be making a bacon butty. :o(

[Listening to insomnia by Faithless, very apt. I could just get some sleep!]