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Liverpool Fireworks

fireworks, not yesterday

I’m really just trying something, but if you are looking for information about the fireworks in Liverpool this week, you should look at the Liverpool08 site.

In summary: Sefton Park, Newsham Park and Walton Hall Park all start at 7:30pm. They used to have a show at 6:30pm but they don’t do that anymore; I think that was from the years when they had a backlog of fireworks, from when they kept cancelling everything.

We won’t be going this year, because Daisy is still scared. After last year, when she just froze to my shoulder, we are looking for some quieter fireworks.

It’s just a bit annoying that the Liverpool fireworks aren’t publicised properly. It’s always a bit of a chore to find out when and where they are… and remember, I work for the council!

“Not even the best drummer in the band”

Oi! Ringo, No!

the man at the end of the best put down I’ve ever heard, Ringo Starr has just said he’s not going to sign anything or read his ‘fan’ mail anymore, because he has “to much to do”. maybe it’s just to many people from Liverpool asking him if there are anymore topiary figures they can chop the head off.

I don’t know what I find more shocking – a) that he gets fan mail or b) he has a website

oh and can he stop doing the peace thing everytime he says anything? it’s sad.

La Machine,

Up until today I would have said the best event / exhibition of the culture year was gosuperlambbananas by a mile – but now that there’s a 30 ton spider hanging of the side of a building out side lime street station I’m not sure.

the big spider
the big spider

La Machine is the next big thing to hit the city, over the next 3 days the big spider is moving (yes it moves – i think two people will actually sit in it). around liverpool, as part of open air theater. ending with the spider running down the mersey tunnel (full details in the press kit from the site). lots of snow apparently.

anyway, I would have said I’m not to afraid of spiders (they don’t buzz around your head). but I’m not sure now. there are bound to be 100’s of better photos on the internet but you can see some of the ones i took on flickr

well, it made me laugh

when you go to the “total website” of merseyside police, they have a pop up survey which you can click on to feedback on policing in your neighbourhood. first question:

click No, and you’re done, “thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey”.