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Daisy’s Top TV Choices

I know, some people will despair, that we let at 11 week old baby watch TV, but I am a great believer in all things in moderation, and besides she likes a bit of telly now and again.

So what does daisy like on TV, well she likes football; the other night when she was playing on her mat she stopped to watch the football, today she was fascinated by the Darkness, singin’ Christmas Time on VH1, and she does like the storymakers on cbeebies. All in all she doesn’t actually get put infront of the telly for very long, it’s just amazing how it can stop a full on tantrum, in it’s tracks, it’s scary stuff.

I (still) can’t get no sleep

This not sleeping lark really is getting out of hand now. Ruth is currently sleeping for two, so comes home from work and flakes out for an hour, while I am getting up at 6am and not going to be until way past midnight, and usually getting up in the night! I am pretty sure I am meant to be using the next 7 months as time to get all my sleeping done.

[listening to: Insomnia, Faithless 8:47]

I don’t know if it is widely accepted as an urban myth, but eBay isn’t actually that cheep. I have just been looking at PC’s part of the I need some kit to start my own business racket, and they are quite expensive, I mean there is the odd apparent bargain like 14 base units for ?100 + 70p&p but I bet if you bid on it, the price would shoot up to nearer ?400. and these aren’t exactly spring chicken base units.

[Listening to: Hey Boy Hey Girl – The Chemical Brothers – Surrender [UK] (04:50)]