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Well, that was unexpected!

The Green Balloon Club, for the uninitiated, is a nature programme on the fabulous CBeebies channel. They usually talk about bird feeders and minibeasts, and leaves, and whatnot, and then they sing a song.  Daisy loves it, so we generally make a point of watching it.  Today, however, they broke with the entire format in order to tell the story of the Nativity.  It wasn’t entirely faithful – it was rather skewed towards excessive mention of the animals involved (and I’ve never seen a rabbit in the stable before!), and the small matter of WHY the baby was special, that he was, in fact, the Son of God sent to save humanity from its own wickedness, was airbrushed out entirely, but nevertheless, there was Mary and Joseph, an angel, some shepherds, some kings, gold, frankincense, myrrh, and a general sense that the story was the reason for the presents under the tree.  I was most impressed.

I think, on balance, I’d have liked the Son of God bit, even if it was qualified with “Christians believe that…”  Still, after an afternoon of the Grinch, it was a refreshing change.

hole in the wall

Hole in the wall (this is the splatmando apparently)- Picture BBC
Hole in the wall (this is the splatmando apparently)- Picture BBC

hole in the wall left me open mouthed when i first saw it – It’s not often telly had this effect on me, but then again I don’t often watch ITV, but wait it’s on BBC1. 
if you haven’t seen it yet – basically you stand infront of a swimming pool, while a big polistirine wall with a person shape hole comes towards you. get through the hole, or get wet. that’s it. oh and there’s lycra, and Dale Winton shouting BRING ON THE WALL!

Anyway, it’s so astonishing – I thought i would blog it. so nerd alert. 

<nerdy>I’ve been taken with the idea of live blogging, basicaly it’s blogging while something happens. the BBC do it all the time for sports events. it’s like a modern take on watching the football on cefax. anyway I’ve yet to find the right plug in to do this well in wordpress, and besides i just wanted to mess about. you may ignore the following. it’s my ramblings while i watched the telly</nerdy>

17:24 18/10/2008 – Hole in the wall
Has prime time telly really desended this far? z-list celebs, in silver spandex?

17:26: I’m fairly sure they are playing big cook little cook music in the background, Macus Brigstock? is this part of every new BBC contract?

17:28: BRING ON THE WALL! – no really it’s time to go search youtube! – turns out it’s the japanese fault. – should have known

17:31: they shapes all have names ? the spat man do!

17:33: is it to early to declare this ‘game show’ fixed?

17:35: it’s getting a bit kinky now, spandex, and ball and chain

17:37: Do you think johnathan pierce gets paid more to ‘commentate’ on gameshows than football, i’m pritty sure he did robot wars to.

17:39: time for a guest star would you be a guest on this show? – then again why would you be on this show?

17:40: turns out the guests don’t even make a celeb list. the worlds tallest man? Neil Fingleton has his own website mind

17:44: it’s a pretend quiz… count the words in a song then flap like a bird.

17:47: we are been promised a ‘mega’ wall! the anticipation is (just about) mesurable.

17:49: for the last time “Bring on the wall” oh thank you… this pain will be over soon.

17:51: its over! next week, i don’t think so.

on reflection, I might not find something that lets me do this. If the desire takes you – you have 6 days to watch this on the internet.

UEFA vs Rainbow


We’ve been all cultural over the last two days; yesterday we went to the World Museum in Liverpool, where I was rather school-boyish around the European Cup, UEFA Cup and the Cup Winners Cup, I thought it was a alright exhibition although Ruth pointed out, it was really an excuse for boys to show off there nerdy football knowledge. 

Today, we went all the way to Bradford, to the National Media Museum; which i can now say is a fab museum. Unfortunately we where 3 days to early for the blue peter exhibition, but the photo and animations bits are fab. but the TV bit is cool – not all all those pretend to be on TV bits, which are cool, but they had Zippy and George from rainbow! I have to say I was even more school-boyish, and very nearly got my photo taken next to them – it was the condescending looks from the teenagers that stopped me.

we watched the wombles too – Henry thought it was cool, although Daisy use to modern children’s TV didn’t quite give it all her attention, she did however, watch all of this wobles episode when we came home.

The credit crunch and old man potter

It can’t have escaped your notice, but there are quite a few large banks in a bit of bother at the moment, and quite a lot of headless chickens running around shouting, “Don’t panic!” I have moments where I just think they should let them fall; after all, it’s the capitalist economy everyone is so fond of – if things don’t work, they should be left to fail. But then I’m not actually one for believing in capitalism. Maybe that’s for another post.

What does interest me, is looking at who is playing Old Man Potter.

If you haven’t seen It’s a Wonderful Life go watch it now, I’ll wait; Old Man Potter is a local businessman who is motivated by money and a desire to run Bedford Falls. When there is a run on the bank, and on the Buildings and Loan Company, it’s Old Man Potter who starts buying while everyone else is selling, thus giving him huge sway over everything when it calms down.

The credit crunch is much like the run on the bank, and just like It’s a Wonderful Life, there are people selling while Mr Potter’s buying. At the moment I think it’s Barclays who are doing the best impression of Potter, buying just the nice bits of Lehman Brothers, and not making too much of a fuss about it. Lloyds (The Stupid Bank) are running a close second, merging with HBOS.

But as they are somewhat being forced into it by government– it isn’t quite as good.

I think when the dust settles, there will be a nice big Barclays while the rest pick over the scraps that not everyone is sure they want. Not that I understand economics, or think this is any way to run a planet, but it’s a bit interesting, for now.