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nonsense notice

I’m going to blog more in the New Year. There I said it.

I’m hoping saying it will make it happen (all a bit starspace ordering I know).

Not that I will have much to say, but I want to exercise the writing muscles a bit more, expect it to be bland boring things, I don’t expect you to read or care – but I need to be writing stuff down that isn’t about strategic objectives.

New year thingies

Yes every year i say i don’t do resolutions, and yet every year I do resolve to do things as the date flicks from one arbitrary numbering system to the next. It’s just a convenient marker really. anyway this year i am not resolving to:

blog a bit more both personally and professionally: Personally, (where you are now) tough, if you look back at this blog it’s quite bennine in places, and then we get all uppity, and like we can’t say anything unless it changes the world. we’ll it never does and this blog really just exists to feed our own ego, as a place to excerise the writing muscles (they need it badly, as the above ramble shows). so don’t expect anything.

Professionally: that will be over at and might be as boring to most people, but will at least have (hopefully) some purpose.

Read more: I am a bulk reader, i read 4-5 books in a month and then nothing for the rest of the year, it’s almost always January… i wonder why?

Come up with more inspiring things than that…. really Read and write ? it that it? well there is more.. but I’m going to be all enigmatic, and besides if I stop and think about what i want to say i won’t actually click publish on this post….

Drudge Ville

Christmas is a-coming, so thoughts turn to how we can change the world next year and make loads of money, and well never have to work again.

FarmVille-black-sheepAt the moment it appears you can make a lot of money from writing flash based facebook games that basically turn people into clicky automatons.  So we’ve been thinking, there must be a way for us to enslave people in our own version of a flash based sweatshop – but first we needed to work out just what makes them so successfull.

Drudgery: people apparently enjoy virtual versions of labour intensive jobs that advances in modern machinery and technology has all but eliminated.

So how about Dishville? Where you have to wash the dishes?

Reward: Ruth thinks this won’t work because you need a ‘reward’. Apparently in a certain farming game “oh look i have a picture of some grapes” constitutes a reward, so we need to find a game that gives people a reward.

Sweepville? where you clean the street and at the end you get a reward from a local councillor? … humm maybe not

So what else do we need? Oh yes, the game has to enslave your friends too. Again drawing inspiration from a certain agricultural game, you can apparently guilt people into playing by doing their farming for them. Personally I don’t see why this works but hey ho.

Anyway, we’ve had a bit of a scuba in our thinktank, and ran a couple of things up the ideas runway; and now I can announce the next big thing in the world of doing a boring job on the internet:


You are a postmaster – so you have to deliver letters, occasionally sell stamps and maybe every once in a while deal with an aggressive pensioner whose pension book has gone missing.

The main bit of the game however will be the enslaving delivery system;

  • using the names of everyone playing the game (i reckon we’ll get around 70million) you will get a letter to deliver to someone who might or might not be a friend
  • but you can only send it to one of your friends who will then send it on
  • when it gets to the right person – the postage cost will be divided between everyone who handled the letter
  • so if the letter goes through 5 people you get a fifth of the money

This, I think, is a winner. It has the drudgery of running a post office, combined with the reward of someone saying ‘I got a letter’ and the enslaving of your friends to send the mail.

Now I just have to learn some flash….. but I can’t be bothered, oh well I need another money making scheme.