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New New Home

Well that lasted long didn’t it. It turns out that we didn’t like the new website design, to clinical, and a bit bland really. so I’ve knocked up another new one. Yes it’s 6:30 in the morning and i should be in bed. but i couldn’t sleep (no not at the thought of changing the website!).

New home

It’s all changed: I’ve been messing about with the website for far to long now, It needs to stop. So going against all that is sensible for someone who actually works in the world of web, i’m just going to change the site, without finishing everything off.

This means that there might be the odd rough edge, and somethings may go missing, but it’s the only way it’s ever going to happen and I mean it’s only our little old website with it’s readership of somewhere between 1 and 1 billion (about 4 we think).

I’ve been trying to get the whole thing nice neat and complete, but you see i just haven’t gotten around to it yet. You see I’m on this course at work, and I’ve done a couple of those Comso quizzes that tell you just what type of person I am, and you see it confirmed what i already knew, I’m not a completer finisher. and besides that I’m not a complete nerd and occasionally step away from the pooter.

So here you are, the new jumps website, it’s got a few extra bells and whistles (like search and categories) that may make browsing the site a little easier. It also looks a little different which shouldn’t make much difference really (for the record I’m not quite sure i like this design yet, so it may always switch back).

Daisy’s blog has now merged with the main one, we’ve kept the link at the top, because we know that’s why you come, but when we talk about daisy it will be in the main blog also. One of the major things we can do now is make some posts private. this is something we’ve been aiming to do for a while, occasionally we may want to keep a Daisy post private, then only people who are registered to the site will get to see them, so if you know us you may want to register on the site that way you get to see all the posts.

Have fun, and please stick with it while i sort out all the bumps on the site.