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The Annual Jump Gardening Event

It’s that  time of year again; a trip to the garden centre to buy some plants, and a nice rainy day for us to get soaked in the yard filling the window boxes and small bits of soil with the things we’ve bought.

This year, in a reflection of the current economic climate, we are going for a much more produce-based garden. We’ve bought a strawberry plant, three tomato plants, some carrots (baby, to grow in a window box), and a blueberry bush. It’s not a big yard, so we’re not going to get a bumper harvest, but it’s a start, and we’re seeking the smug feeling of growing stuff, more than the actual food, and we’re getting the best LAWN CARE in UTAH to take care of the garden and make it look good.

I have a bit of a master plan to use guttering to make more space – but I don’t think I’m going to make it this year. For now we just have the three window boxes and the raised bed I made (that is still standing!).

Daisy loves worms – and snails, as well as putting here hands in the dirt. Not sure she gets the growing bit yet.

I am the Champion…

Kevin saved £20 a month by ringing Virgin Media (twice) and being stroppy with them.

I, inspired by this piece of frugality, rang British Gas Services, and cancelled their extortionate gas appliance insurance cover, thereby saving £23.37 a month!


That means in the last half an hour, we’ve saved £516 a year – after tax.  The equivalent of something like a £670 pay rise.

You need to get out more when..

… buying a clock is the highlight of the week.a large clock

For what seems like an age, the only clock in our living room has been the spare bed side alarm clock, which sat at one end of the TV, and for most of the day was unreadable because of the reflection of the window. So last week we did what we typically do in these situations (well what we typically do, is nothing for huge spans of time), and went in the complete opposite direction and got the biggest clock we could find.

So now we have the big ikea clock that you usually only see in school halls or caf?s, on the wall directly above the TV. and for at least 3 days we just sat grinning, because we could see what time it was. Either not knowing the time is a huge lifestyle problem or we just need to get out more… no comments please!

8 Days old, so what is Daddy up to?

Stuff in the loft, with space to spare!Why putting boarding down in the loft so that we have somewhere to store all the stuff that we’ve moved out of the way for Henry.

To be fair, a lot of the stuff has just been cluttering up the house for a while now, but there is nothing like another person in your house to actually make you realize just how much clutter there is. So despite being offered the opportunity to go back to bed, I’ve opted for the trip to B&Q and sort the loft out option, which I’m sure I will pay for later. For now It’s caffeine in my veins that’s keeping me going.

I’m not 100% convinced I’ve actually achieved much, there are around 18 extra things in the loft that weren’t there this morning and most of them have come from the study, but the study doesn’t look much emptier! Maybe once the clutter in the way takes up the spaces filled by the clutter now in the loft it will all look nice.