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Food and four year olds

oh we have a bad week ahead of us! – tonight was the first night of my “we are going to eat fantastically from my book, and all will be great”, except this is coinciding with Daisy’s “I’m not going to eat anything that doesn’t look like pasta or pizza” phase. So tonight could be the first of what could turn out to be almost a week of tea time battles (one night is pasta).

Tonight’s tea ended up mainly all over the table cloth, and Daisy ended tea time in bed, without a bath and more importantly without a bedtime story – bedtime stories are our last resort for punishment a while ago, we removed the story from punishment because It was often to harsh – and she does love it so. Well throwing your tea doesn’t really buy you anything. 

She was gutted when she realised, Ruth did the big bad cop rushing her into bed, and i did the I’m really sad, after i made all that effort making your tea cop. about fifteen minutes later she got out of bed to tell me “she was terribly sorry for all the trouble she caused” which is nice. 

What we have to do now is not make to bit a deal out of it – the last thing we want it to make it into a thing.