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nice photos of ugly buildings

Its been an age since I went for a lunchtime walk with my camera around Liverpool. Usually it requires me to remember to pick up it up in the morning, not be so preoccupied with work that I don’t just pop out for a butty and for the weather to be OK. As a result it doesn’t happen very often. It’s a pity really because I find it quite relaxing; it gives me some space to think about the day.

Anyway, today I remembered my camera, it was a nice(ish) day and I didn’t feel rushed at lunch time, so I went for a stroll. I had no clear aim when I set off, but I ended up at Mann island and decided to take some photos of the much derided Mann Island apartments. mainly to see if I could to take nice pictures of bad buildings.


I’m not claiming these are nice pictures, but they are … interesting.

Liverpool views

it’s been a lovely crisp November day today. we went over to seacombe today for a nice walk, and the view of Liverpool was looking spectacular; So I took some photies.


Desktop Wallpapers

Now I am no [insert famous photographer here] so I offer no warranty, but I’ve put some photos that i like to use as desktop backgrounds onto the web. mainly because I am so obnoxious and self-centered that I think they are good and someone else might too. 



But also because I was messing about with picture plugin thingy’s for WordPress. if this is more interest too you, then i am using MudSlideShow which is allowing me to put a gallery from picasa directy into the blog.

Not Back To School

There is an increasing movement, amongst home educators, to celebrate beginning the school year outside of school, by means of a Not Back To School picnic. It started last September, when we were fighting for our survival in the face of blank and unyielding government intrusion, and this year it’s gained some momentum, as a way of celebrating, and advertising, the fact that There Is Another Way. Because there is. And not everyone realises it. Continue reading Not Back To School