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How to Analyze People on Sight

How to Analyze People on Sight

A very scary book from 1921 on how to analyse people. Apparently their are five types:

  • The Alimentive Type (the enjoyer)
  • The Thoracic Type (the thriller)
  • The Muscular Type (the worker)
  • The Osseaus Type (the Stayer)
  • The Cerebral Type (the thinker)

some fantastic bits like

Thus the fat man’s mind acts as his body acts—evenly, unhurriedly, easefully and comfortably. The florid man’s mind has the same quickness and resourcefulness that distinguish all his bodily processes. The muscular man’s mind acts in the same strenuous way that his body acts, while the bony man’s brain always has an immovable quality closely akin to the boniness of his body.
He is not necessarily a “bonehead,” but this phrase, like “fathead,” is no accident
and really there is a chapter called “Types That Should and Should Not Marry Each Other”
1921 was a funny time

do tigger and pooh need help?

For what passes as entertainment in the jump household – I offer this little insight. poohbear.jpg

there was some ‘nearly’ classic Winnie-the-pooh on playhouse Disney this morning, which had us all watching, especially as it’s coinciding with the reading of the Winnie-the-pooh stories at bedtime. they where mixing there stories so we had eeyore in the river, then his birthday.

Anyway I was interested to see just when we where talking about, so i did some interneting, and got to a few interesting things, including the fact that disney makes $1 billion dollars a year from pooh! also in 2000 the Canadian Medical journal published a paper about what was wrong with everyone in the hundred acre wood.

Apparently pooh bear has ADHD and OCD, Tigger is hyperactive and owl is dyslexic : yes, but it’s quite depressing to then read that given the chance the people who did the study would be drugging up half the forest – mainly to cure these problems. I don’t see why ?Pooh is perfectly happy with his lot, why does he need drugs, and if you took the bounce out of Tigger then everybody’s life would be sadder.

In a dark, dark wood there was a dark, dark house

The thing about having anytime off in the winter, is you quickly forget just how dark it is when you leave the house in the morning. of-course it’s not really* you just forget.

*Technically it is darker (by one minute on th 3rd Jan compared to the 24th Dec), that’s because even though the 21st Dec was the shortest day, the sun continues to come up later each day until 5th January, it’s the nights that get longer first. I have thought about this for all of around 30seconds I my rudimentary understanding of the seasons means i can’t tell you why it happens like this – the BBC claim it’s because the earth doesn’t go round the sun in a circle.

Capitals of culture

08_logo.gifYour first bit of randomness for the year.

getting sucked into all the hype (or indeed the google search results) it would be easy to think that Liverpool is the European capital of culture for 2008 – but in fact there are two.

stavanger08.pngThere used to be only one capital each year but with the enlargement of the European Union, they decided to have two a year, makes a bit of a mockery of the term capital (especially since pre 1999 it was the European City of Culture). anyway 2008 is the second such year of two capitals so lets not forget the Stravander Region in Norway which is also European Capital of Culture 2008.