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So, it turns out we’re evil.

Especially Kevin, coz his posts are sillier than mine. But me too, because I said “coz” and God, apparently, doesn’t like slang.

This is according to a scary man in America. The general principle seems to be, if it’s possible to do wrong, then do nothing at all.

Kevin’s now researching the Restored Church of God, and confirming my earlier suspicions – scary, scary people.

Metric Road Signs.

The UK Metric Association (who knew such a thing existed?) is calling for the UK change all its road signs to metric over the next five years (shouldn’t that be 2 Kilodays?). They say converting to metric signs will help the UK “join the modern world”. I can’t wait. I’ll just drop this abacus in the stream, leave t’mill and go join t’modern world (see how, I reverted to stereotypical northern country speak there to emphesize my point?).

Well I think it would be a complete waste of money, I like my miles, I (strangely) have more of a sense of a mile than a kilometer. I know how fast 40miles an hour is, and while I know I would learn, just how fast is 112k/ph ? it’s 70 m/ph if your wondering.

I think we need an UK Imperial Association, if for nothing more than to make it a bit more interesting.