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Why I stopped blogging

it’s been a while and comment has been raised so i can’t just go back to filling your screen with rubbish without some explanation.

It turns out it’s been 39 days since I last blogged which is the longest time since i started all this. I don’t have a real definitive reason why, i think it was a combination of a number of things.

  1. In early December I had coursework for my leadership course to do, this took quite a bit of time, because like last time, and indeed this time (more due end of January) I left it to the last minute.
  2. I went for (and then got) the development managers job in work: during the run up to the interview I found my self in the position of having things I couldn’t say on the internet; this meant the blog became I bit divorced from my reality and my motivation to blog sort of wined.
  3. It was Christmas and that was hectic
  4. I have website issues:
    • right near the end of the year you may have noticed i took the site down for a few days. this is because it was hacked. I suspect not directly, but via something else on the hosting provider which is very pap indeed!, the site is also incredibly flaky, and if we had any money we would be moving, maybe next month.
    • I don’t actually like the current design for the pages, i know i changed them from the perfectly nice design we had for years and to be honest if i get some time we will be going back to that. but for now I will just have to live with it.
  5. I got the management job (oh I’ve said that), and to be honest I got all self conscious about the site. I thought “I’m all responsible and management like now, and well the blog’s doesn’t (well my bits any way) reflect this”. in summary I got all up myself for a little while there. I think I’m getting over that now.
  6. the website is flaky (oh I’ve said that too), at least once in that 39 days i got this far and the site crashed, again if we had any money we would be moving….

Anyway that’s the block out of the way, maybe i can start telling you about my new job now…..

My clever husband…

… made management before his 31st birthday…

Today he was interviewed for, and offered, the Development Manager job in his current place of work, and he’s thrilled to pieces. It’s great in the short term, in that he really wanted the job, the challenge of it, and the opportunity to affect how the place functions. But it’s great in the long term, too, because he’s broken the glass ceiling. You can’t be a programmer forever, the technology moves too quickly, and sooner or later you can’t keep up any more. For a while there, it seemed like the step into management was missing, somehow, and he couldn’t work out how to bridge the gap. But he’s done it.

*beams with pride*

leadership student

As you know I’m currently a student again, and this week i even had to hand in an assignment.

So being the super student i am I pulled an ‘all-nighter’ on Sunday and was up until just past 10:30!! Not quite a proper student then. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything even remotely studenty, but this time it didn’t seem so bad (it does remain to be seen if I pass). Although this time I had my super double-English-degree proof reader. Thanks to Ruth, I didn’t in the end archive my goals, or put measures in place to relive the pressure.

I’m a student!

After all these years of working at a university, I leave and almost immediately I become a student again.

I’ve gone and gotten myself on a leadership course at work, and what at first glance appeared to be a little intense if not useful internal course is infact a full on in partnership with a university thing.

Today I trundled of to the University of Chester (Yes I thought that they have made that up in hollyoaks too), to their business school no-less, to enroll on the ‘leadership academy’ which is the university’s and council’s award winning management course.

It’s quite intense it’s split into 5 modules with the first three taking up around half of the week for four weeks at a time, over the next 6 months and then two modules where you have to present and write stuff.

It’s all a bit nerve racking for me, because as you might have guessed I have no real management experience. I’m excited at the challenges but also a bit worried that I might be pap at the whole thing.

Anyway I’m off to immerse myself in my new student life, lots of beer and sleeping in until noon, oh no wait there! I have a wife, child and job. Responsibilities! I’m a pap student. And it’s only been a day!