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Neighbours, everybody needs good Neighbours

It’s ages since they’ve done it – we’d actually come to the conclusion that they’d finally grown up a bit, or else that she’d left him – but our next door neighbours had one of their stand-up fights in the street at about 3am, and now we’re Wide Awake.

Still, we’ve discussed the most likely location of the nearest cow, whether it’s too simplistic to say flat land is arable and hills are for livestock, and whether JMU Tower was really a death trap that would have killed us both if we’d stayed. So, not an unproductive night.

A bit sad that I can’t sleep, and the kids will be up soon, though.

tenders = essays

I distinctly remember leaving university. It was a great feeling. No more putting stuff off for weeks and having midnight deadlines and living of coffee and lucozade.

Then came Tenders: We’ve just finished doing a rather large Tender in work, and I was glad to see everybody was the same as me. “I can’t really do the work unless I have a really tight deadline”.

It all gets quite stressful. you think, “can I go back to that, simple life of just writing code?”. it’s all over (for) now. So the rest of the team have had to put up with two days of floaty light management. coming out of the tunnel and distracting anyone who will listen.

next week I will look at my mountain of email – the 75 projects I said i would start this finical year, and maybe even sorting out those bits of the office that we haven’t finished yet. like Hanging the clock.

work work…

I spent most of yesterday in what we affectionately use to call a stable door meeting, and almost all of today writing a email about another website. but really i need to spend at least a day writing about a website that doesn’t exist yet so I’m working from home tomorrow. What I’m doing now.. is putting off working from home tonight.

I am so close to becoming one of ‘those’ people, it’s scary – I have lots to do and somebody stole a day out of my week, and that was before somebody trapped me in a room for three hours and then somebody else required a 2 hour email response.

The problem is I want to lead by example, and working stupid hours all night isn’t the example i want to set.  Yes I want people to do work, but I also want them to have a life, and not get burned out and all stressed on me, in the long run that’s much much harder to deal with, then a missed deadline or two.

anyway procrastination rules, lets just search flickr for photos and maybe play a bit of scrabulous.

work with me.

Oh and before I forget.. (because I’m forgetful honest..)

Why don’t you come work with me?

Web Support Developer – bit of a job title, but we did somersaults to get officer out of it.

It’s loads of fun, you get to work with a talented bunch of people, and I’ll even take you out for coffee to talk philosophy.

And yes before you ask… I wrote the bit about falling asleep, In-fact I wrote it all. One of the first next things we are doing? getting rid of that awful website.